Simply put: Wife. Momma to be. Health Coach. Business Owner. Yogi. Striving to live my best life possible and inspiring others to live theirs. I love to soak up wellness info, travel, fresh air, a good glass of wine, a daily smoothie, strategizing, and dreaming of the impossible.

Like many life journeys, mine hasn’t been mapped out exactly as I had planned. I was someone who always tried to do the right thing: go to college, work hard, go to graduate school, work in a helping profession. I was reasonably responsible. I made plenty of mistakes like any 20-something but I saved money and purchased my own home at 23, worked my way through college, and hoped to make a decent living.

But I suddenly found myself in a situation wondering how the hell I ended up in the position that I was in. I got an OK job out of grad school working as a community mental health therapist. My massive student loans just started to kick in when I got an 8% pay cut. On top of that, my fiance at the time just began a brand new career in real estate. He had the drive and ambition, but he didn’t have the market on his side and neither of us fully knew what starting a new business entailed.

So three years later, credit cards maxed, family borrowing maxed, a fluke situation where Medicaid withheld my paycheck for over a month, and all financial reserves tapped, I sat on my couch in tears after I was in car accident, praying to God (or whoever was out there), to please throw me a bone. How had I let my life come to this? Because, you see, that car accident led me to an emergency room, where I had no health insurance and needed to pay $100 to leave and after swiping two debit cards and a credit card and none of them clearing, I very clearly knew that I was making some colossal life errors. I was lost.

Well that led me to look for additional employment and in my search, I stumbled upon an ad that led me to a local nutrition club and I learned about the possibilities as a health coach with Herbalife. Intrigued and skeptical at the same time, I had nothing to lose. The people were genuine. There was integrity in the business model. And I actually wanted to be a Health Coach, not a therapist.

I tried the Herbalife products and loved them. My down in the dumps mood improved after 48 hours. My energy increased to a state I hadn’t felt since… heck, maybe ever. I felt clear-minded. And the best part was that I lost 4lbs in the first week and 12 lbs overall, bringing me back down to my personal trainer weight. Good-bye $3+ a day at Starbucks and starving after my oatmeal and Hello Blueberry Muffin Shakes and green tea! Oh! And the products are just good nutrition so it’s my exclusive go-to during my pregnancy!

Knowing that the products worked, I could see how the business would work too. It’s truly an incredible business model. We are the furthest thing from Vitamin salespeople. With such great products you don’t have to sell them. We simply just help people with the rest of the tools needed for living a healthy, active lifestyle: we teach and coach about nutrition, offer group fitness classes and Fit Camps, and foster personal development. All FOR FREE! We educate on the products as an incredible tool (just like we do with fitness, water, sleep, protein, etc) and when people want them, GREAT!

As you can imagine, the results of this model are incredible. We get to help more people than I ever could have as a therapist. We get to teach them how to invite and inspire others, become coaches themselves (if they desire) and the community is infectious. I have been more inspired and filled with hope than I ever have. I have been taught to dream bigger than I ever imagined possible. And I have grown more as a human being. Plus, the income doesn’t suck ( I equalled my therapist income in 7 months) with exponential growth opportunity.  My life is truly rich.

With all of this, I love to write, to inspire, and to share my story. I am an intense researcher and love to share anything that I learn about health, wellness, and nutrition. I am falling in love with what it means to be a woman entrepreneur and strive to empower other women. I am so grateful to work alongside my husband as we become a power couple (Yes, I went there. It just sounds sexy). And everyday, I am learning more and more about what it will mean to be a mom as I carry my baby girl. When you wrap all of that up in a pretty little, life reflective, personal growth, spiritual journey package, that is Vitamins for the Soul.



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