Maternity Shoot

Before becoming pregnant, I looked at pregnancy as something magical. I was adamant that women should be Gods in our society. Superheroes! I mean growing another human being is as close to superhero power that we were going to get. And then I became pregnant and I felt more like a sacrificial lamb. There was nothing super about me. I was slower, weaker, tired, stripped of my memory and quick processing. I would cry on a dime. It felt more like someone zapped me of my superpowerism. I thought that I would love being pregnant and be able to take the negative side effects with the emotional and spiritual connection that I am doing something so much greater and bigger. Not so much. Turns out I really like being articulate and having endurance.

With that said, my husband repeatedly asked me if I wanted to get maternity photos done and I repeatedly said, no. I did not feel beautiful and confident. And as much as I thought I would regret it, I had no interest in recording this pregnancy. I wanted to get through it and get to the part of enjoying our amazing little girl and the adventures of parenthood.

But after his last plea, with a sweet look in his eye and his endearing words of how beautiful he thought that I was, and then his boy-like disappointment when I again said no, I decided to reconsider. For him. He has been such a martyr, dealing with demands, emotions, and most appreciated, picking up the slack wherever I may drop it. He deserved this.

So I called on our favorite photographer and arranged for a surprise maternity shoot that I could give him for his birthday.  I scheduled a hair appointment with one of my best friends, put on some makeup and sucked it up.

Now I can say that I am so grateful to my husband for his persistence and reverie of me and this baby. On that day, I truly felt beautiful. Maybe not superhero, but angelic. And we will get to share these photos with our sweet baby girl as she asks about what it was like when mommy was pregnant. So Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and Thank You for your gift in return- your love and belief in me.






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