Reflections from the Mat

My heart belongs to yoga. So many of my greatest insights and my personal self-acceptance have come from my mat. Today was no different. Since being pregnant, I have neglected my practice. Just your standard excuses- time, money, I’m tired, I’m not used to this new body… There’s never really a good reason because it’s your mat where the excuses need to be sorted.

Anywho. I returned to my favorite yoga studio with one of my favorite yoga teachers. Lately, I have been feeling really anxious to get to the finish line of the pregnancy. I have been missing what I was physically capable of prior to pregnancy. Walking up the stairs without losing my breath, climbing off of the couch without an ordeal, reaching, running without having to pee, sleeping on my belly, and of course, twisting and flipping my body in ways that make me feel strong and confident. I have been completely neglecting the total gratitude of being pregnant. It wasn’t but 8 months ago, I was lying on that same mat sending cosmic energy to my abdominal  area, praying for the capability to create and carry a baby. Now, one of my greatest dreams has come true and I am completely neglecting it, almost rejecting it. I am ignoring the strength and the constant challenges that my body is facing to be able to provide for and grow an entire new human being. So what if it’s a little taxed! It should be!

Who knows whether my enlightenment will stay with me throughout the home stretch or if pregnancy hormones will continue to wreak tyranny on my gratitude, but I am grateful for that moment. And today. That I have today to really stand in awe of moving slower, side-sleeping, and maybe even a little gasiness. My body is doing something WAY more important than a headstand.



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